Jura is a global brand name in the high-security graphic arts trade as a reputed high-tech developer and supplier. The company offers complete top-quality security prepress systems including software and hardware solutions from graphic design to print-ready plate making for banknote printers. 

Jura’s design software packages are in function at more than 100 governmental and licensed security printers all over the world. Its patented personalization solutions and unique covert security features are used on several banknotes, passports, ID cards and other security documents of many countries. 

Latest developments contain different new features with smartphone apps for security print authentication and brand protection. 

About 100 high resolution prepress output devices have been installed and used worldwide. The service program of the company includes strong support and versatile assistance in technical, design, and software development issues. Jura is the first company that has been audited and certified as ‘Certified Security Supplier’ based on the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard by Intergraf and VPGI.