Zhejiang Jiaguwen Chaojima Technology Corp. is a National High-tech Enterprise. With strong digital technology capabilities, it has formed a complete "digital industry (Three Rural)", "product blockchain digital identity", "industrial Internet" and international advanced "Chaoji agricultural technology" system solution.

As the pioneer of digital agriculture, rural areas, and the pioneer in the application of product conformity assessment standards, it is also a participant in the formulation of a number of national big data and anti-counterfeiting traceability standards. It also ranks in the construction of industrial Internet platforms and "6.0" agricultural production and environmental governance technologies. Industry leader. The self-developed "Skystar Blockchain" has been filed with the National Cyberspace Administration of China and has obtained the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Qualified Developer Certificate. The company has obtained hundreds of national, provincial and municipal honors and intellectual property patent certificates, providing one-stop technology for more than 400 local governments, more than 5,000 smart agricultural bases, more than 20,000 well-known brand enterprises, and tens of billions of products across the country.

At the enterprise B side, the company uses the core product "Chaojima-Product Blockchain Digital Identity SaaS Cloud Platform" to give each product a unique "digital twin" identity ID, creating credible traceability throughout the process, and one thing one code full application scenarios; on the government G side, the three product lines of "STARRY-digital rural brain", "STARRY-digital agricultural brain" and "Zhejiang agricultural code + industrial brain + future factory" are helping rural revitalization; "STARRY-Chaoji agricultural technology" modern agricultural technology provides a whole-system green ecological cycle farming method for achieving high-quality agricultural development; at the consumer C end, based on serving many counties and cities to master the source and characteristic agricultural products, the B end and G end products Extend to the C-end service, create a self-operated brand of "Yuan Wei You Li", provide enterprises with tailor-made light luxury business gifts, and provide consumers with "identity and speaking" products of good origin.

The company is the executive director unit of the International Standards Organization "Chinese Open Object Identifier Application Service Union (OID)", the vice chairman unit of the "Internet marking union (IMU)", and the executive vice chairman unit of the "China E-commerce Industrial Alliance". The National "Blue Shield Award" Technology Innovation Award, Application Achievement Award, and Excellent Case Award selected by the China National Defense Technology Association under the head of the Ministry is also a "Hangzhou City Agricultural Information Leading Enterprise", "Hangzhou City Reserve Key Cultivation of Listed Enterprise Units", " "Hangzhou Municipal Famous Brand Enterprise", "Best Enterprise for Corporate Social Responsibility Construction in Hangzhou". The company will always shoulder the great mission of "making trust simple", empowering the industry with numbers, helping the development of the regional economy, never forgetting its original intention, and moving forward.