China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST)

China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST) is a nongovernmental organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Administration of China. It was established in 1988 through the approval of the Leadership Council of Science and Technology under the State Department of the People's Republic of China.

CIAPST is an organization set up with the aim to unite scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, industrialists, financiers, management experts, engineers and technical staff at home and abroad to promote the development of science and technology and merging science and technology with market economy, and to strengthen the internationa1 exchange of science/technology and economic cooperation for the growth and prosperity of China.

Security Identification Union (SID)

Founded in Feb. 2013, Security Identification Union (SID) is based in China, brings benefits across Asia and connects the whole world. Our mission is to provide specialized industrial services about security identification to governments and enterprises.

Based on good relationship with government, institutions, enterprises and media, we provide for international exchange for consulting and collaboration on matters of interest to stakeholders about security identification. We also promote the application of security identification technology in various projects, to open a window for international communication.

SID works on the principle that we link technology and market applications of the whole security identification industry as an entire industrial chain. Oriented in the market promotion of security identification technologies, SID will facilitate the transfer from industrial technology to market application and the cooperation between international colleagues. Meanwhile, SID intends to promote the public service and cultural industry aspect of security identification technology.

SID emphasizes the co-operation between China and international technology suppliers. Our aim is to promote the application of traditional techniques with electronic information technology into practical market applications in the medium and long terms.  

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Address: Room 1611, Block D, SOHO Modern City, No. 88 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Post Code: 100020

Phone: 86-010-85621202



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Li Longyi

Phone: 15503861087

Landline: +86-010-85621202

Fax: +86-010-85621202-807



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