ASY group was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 81 million. It is a high-end security printing service enterprise integrating anti-counterfeiting printing and anti-counterfeiting technology development. ASY is also the world's leading anti-counterfeiting solution provider, with professional product identification technology and rich solution implementation experience, serving the world's famous brands. Maintain the profits of enterprise customers' products, brand and dealers' profits, protect products from the damage of fake and parallel goods, and make consumers have more confidence in products.



The company has a professional anti-counterfeiting technology research and development team, international advanced printing anti-counterfeiting equipment, printing skilled production personnel, efficient and perfect service system. It focuses on the technical development, technical services, anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting tickets, anti-counterfeiting documents, anti-counterfeiting packaging and other anti-counterfeiting products in the field of anti-counterfeiting technology; it focuses on the anti-counterfeiting technology development of the Internet, Internet of things, blockchain, AI Artificial Intelligence, big data analysis . At present, the company has provided security printing services of presidential ballot, passport, visa, ID card, tax stamp, land certificate, customs certificate and postage stamp for government departments, tax bureaus, immigration bureaus, banking, presidential election commission, customs and postal departments, etc., and for domestic jewelry, medicine, tea, electronics, cosmetics, health products, wine, e-cigarettes and other major enterprises provide accurate, reliable, safe and efficient professional service and guarantee for various anti-counterfeiting solution.


Main products:


Anti counterfeiting label: engraving intaglio, Security thread, OVI, magnetic, RFID, NFC, hologram, void


Anti counterfeiting packaging:Integration of intelligent packaging (anti counterfeiting, anti-transregional , anti disassembly and anti pinching)


Anti counterfeiting confidential documents: presidential ballot, passport, visa, ID card, visa card, tax stamp, land certificate, customs certificate, postage stamp


Anti counterfeiting system: anti-transregional sell system, inventory management system, anti-counterfeiting code generation management system, tax stamp data acquisition system, ballot printing system, staff management system, consumables cost control system


Anti counterfeiting software: Jewelry anti-counterfeiting certificate printing software, on-site anti-transregional sell audit app, anti-counterfeiting inquiry app, consumer anti-counterfeiting inquiry app


Others: wine label,  pharmaceutical label, daily chemical standard, etc