Suzhou Image Laser Technology (original Shanghai GZ Laser) was established in 2001 that is High Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province. For a long time, Suzhou Image have been focusing on the design and research of micro-nano structure optical color rendering technology with laser holography as the core. And we have a number of self-developed micro-nano structure processing equipment and software core technology. In the field of visual optical anti-counterfeiting, no ink printing technology and optical micro-nano texture manufacturing, we have been continuously pioneering, and have obtained dozens of patents, established a complete and standardized manufacturing system, so we provided technical and product services to many domestic and foreign well-known brand users.

Suzhou Image Laser Technology is a pioneer and advocate of safe and environmentally friendly ink-free printing technology, which is constantly advancing the innovation and upgrading of ink-free printing technology. The products have obtained wide-ranging social applications in the field of anti-counterfeiting such as ID cards or documents, commodity packages and labels. We have provided access certificate protection services for national-level personal ID passes, Olympic Games, multiple Asian Games, and many other major international sports events.