As a leader in advanced nano manufacturing technologies, SVG Tech Group offers the functional optical films and devices, for display, lighting, capacitive touch panels, such as ultra-thin light guide plates, large size touch panels and microlens array films. SVG Tech Group also make technology transfering in the nano-manufacturing systems including UV maskless lithography, nanopatterning, roll-to-roll nano-imprinting and 3D light field printing systems for variety of industrial and research applications.

To adapt the rapid research needs of flexible optoelectronic, SVG has builded the micro-nano optical manufacturing innovation platform which is modular, intellect-intensive and upgradeable. Established in October, 2001, SVG was committed to the research, manufacturing and application of micro-nano equipment, core technology and functional materials and devices.. SVG is an innovation platform enterprise in the field of flexible optoelectronics and intelligent manufacturing.